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Voluntary Arts Week

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Voluntary Arts Week is an initiative of Voluntary Arts – the national development agency for the voluntary arts sector. They work to promote and increase active participation in creative cultural activities across the UK and Republic of Ireland. With Voluntary Arts Week in its third year, they approached Starbit in 2013 to sort out some issues with their existing WordPress site. Starbit proposed a complete redesign and redevelopment to vastly improve the submission and listing of events.


For the design of the new website in 2014, Starbit took inspiration from one of the VAW staff and created a patchwork quilt-style calendar as the centrepiece. This would allow direct access to a particular day of events, as well as highlighting some of the key main events taking place. The submission form was taken back to the drawing board to make it more user-friendly and a mobile version of the site was implemented. Starbit has been fortunate to have been able to work with Voluntary Arts on significant updates to the site in 2015 and 2016. The most recent improvements include a completely revamped visual identity (with custom illustrations), new accessibility information and an improved events finder function integrated with Google maps to make events near to the user easier to identify.
Website screenshot
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“Starbit have transformed our website from a basic WordPress site into something that not only has the functionality we require but a look and feel that really fits with the ethos of our project. The technical skills, creative approach, flexibility and enthusiasm that Starbit have brought to this job, within the tight budget and time frame we presented them with, is a great endorsement of their work. I look forward to working together into the future.”

Cassandra Barron, Voluntary Arts Scotland
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