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Exeter Sequencing Service

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Starting point

Exeter Sequencing Service (ESS), a state-of-the-art facility based at the University of Exeter’s Streatham Campus, got in touch after seeing some of the work Starbit had done for one of their sector peers. The team at ESS had a basic MediaWiki based website in place but wanted to rebuild this as a modern WordPress site. Starbit were commissioned to undertake a full digital strategy review and produce concepts for a new brand identity and custom website design.


Starbit began the project with a visit to the ESS facility in Exeter to get a feel for their service offering. This also provided an opportunity to scope out the overall digital strategy with the ESS team. Once this had been documented, Starbit proceeded to design concepts for a new brand identity. The final logo design featured a simplified double-helix vertically aligned to substitute the letters “X, S, S”. A custom designed WordPress theme was then created and populated with a significant amount of multimedia content, accessible through a multiple level main menu and breadcrumb navigation. The layout and menus were made responsive, adjusting automatically for the best view/input type according to device screen size. Finally, a log-in section was integrated to allow access to the ESS Customer Portal.
Website screenshot
Website screenshot
Website screenshot
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Starbit has great experience designing websites which present complex scientific data in an accessible fashion. The team were extremely helpful, performing onsite visits to understand requirements and ensuring we were involved at each step of the design process. Highly recommended.

Dr Konrad Paszkiewicz, Head of Exeter Sequencing Service
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