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Snowsport Scotland

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Starting point

Snowsport Scotland is the national governing body for snowsports, with a remit to promote and develop participation. To capitalise on increased interest generated by the Olympic Winter Games in 2014, the organisation decided it was time to revamp their dated website. Starbit won a competitive tendering process for the redevelopment and in late 2015 undertook to meet the central criteria of the brief - to create a dynamic, future-proof website that was easy to keep up-to-date.


Starbit began the process by getting the project team and the client representatives together for a collaborative brainstorming session. This produced outputs including rough layout sketches, a sitemap and led to a new tagline. From these outputs, it was clear that the rich multimedia content the organisation had available should become the focal point of the new website. In order to do this, a full-width HD video header was designed for the desktop version and populated with a specially edited montage of snowsports footage, providing an instant and clear insight into what the organisation is about. Another major consideration was the structure of the menu system (a lot of content and functions were very hard to find on the old website) and so a multi-tiered colour-coded system was devised. Of course, all of this also had to be delivered to mobile devices in a way that was just as streamlined.
Website screenshot
Website screenshot
Website screenshot
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