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Playbase Training

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Starting point

Starbit were approached by Designers On The Run (DotRun) to become consortium partners on this hugely ambitious digital project. DotRun developed an extremely eye-catching and versatile brand identity in the form of a logo, colour scheme and custom illustrations, providing a fantastic starting point for Starbit to begin the design of a website with integral online learning function and a multi-platform app.


It was critical that the website and integrated learning functions were easy to navigate and understand for users with limited prior web experience (as these users made up a large part of the target audience for the training courses run by the client). The homepage was designed as a hybrid of the modern single-page scrolling site and the more traditional multi-page site, with snippet sections on the homepage to introduce the more detailed content contained therein. A unique two-tier horseshoe menu system was devised to allow the learning functions to sit neatly below the main menu when a user was logged-in. The app was designed as a promotional tool to hook users into Playbase’s offering. It has recently been made available for free on Android, iOS and as a web app, cross-linked from the website.
Website screenshot
Website screenshot
Website screenshot
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