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KTN Medicines Landscape

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Starting point

Starbit has worked with the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) since 2009 on the design and production of a range of marketing and events materials. Last year, the KTN Medicines Team approached Starbit to scope out a possible digital platform for making a large database of organisations publicly available via a user-friendly web interface. The initial challenge was how to structure the data in a hierarchy that presented an overview (“the landscape”) but also made finer details easily accessible.


Starbit conceived a three-tier visualisation of the landscape that would allow users to select from colour-coded top-level categories, leading them into subcategories and then a geographic overview. This in turn, would lead them to a detailed list that could be filtered and sorted in several ways. Each listing has a full details page and an accurate Google map. The client has full editorial control over the data via a user-friendly dashboard and the web interface is fully responsive, allowing access on a range of device sizes. The initial concept has been extremely well received and has now developed into a suite of similar tools, including one for Innovate UK, launched in December 2015. The full suite can be accessed via the URL shown.
Website screenshot
Website screenshot
Website screenshot
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