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Starbit has worked with the School of Geosciences at the University of Edinburgh for several years and has completed a total of four diverse digital projects on the topic of managing CO2 emissions. These have included a public forum, a directory of products and services, an innovative brainstorming tool and the latest - a local food sourcing web app called Foodwise. Starbit were tasked with taking a simple WordPress blog and turning it into a flexible app driven by user generated content.


The key to this project, launched in early 2016, was usability across devices - ensuring that the addition and consumption of content was as easy on a mobile device as on a larger screen. For this reason the design started with a mobile-first approach, incorporating menus optimised for touchscreens and making sure forms were as streamlined as possible. Trustworthiness of the user generated data was also a primary concern and so several features were introduced to reassure users - any listing can be commented on or reported for inaccuracy - and a rating system shows how many listings are attributable to each user. To complete the design, a set of custom illustrated icons and colour coding were introduced to indicate how sustainable each listing was - the darker the green, the more sustainable the location in question.
Website screenshot
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“Starbit has worked on several different projects including: establishing a brand & website for a new Community Interest Company, developing several online tools for an EU project, and designing a series of innovative infographics. I have been particularly impressed by the consistent high quality of the work done by Starbit, by the punctuality of the delivery and by the overall excellent service, all at a reasonable price.”

Dr Simon Shackley, School of Geosciences, University of Edinburgh
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