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Edinburgh Genomics

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Another long-standing client, Starbit worked with the Roslin Institute-based Ark-Genomics on branding, print and web design before their merger with Gene Pool to form Edinburgh Genomics. Post-merger, Starbit were commissioned to define the new brand identity and to develop the new website. Maintaining the previous site’s Drupal content management system, the challenge was to add a significant amount of extra complex content within a modern responsive design framework.


Starbit worked collaboratively with the client on the design of the brand identity, with some simple modifications made to a sketch provided by one of the Edinburgh Genomics team to produce a final version. The three colours defined in the logo would be taken forward to influence the overall look of the website, which was initially complemented with a dark background of abstract genome shapes. Starbit recently implemented a significant set of design improvements to give a cleaner, simpler look as well as a completely revised drop-down menu system with a sticky function. This makes accessing the wide range of content easier from any page and while scrolled down on any part of a page.
Website screenshot
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“Starbit has provided us with a personalised service that has exceeded our expectations, delivering more than anticipated, at a very reasonable price. Despite short notice and a tight deadline, Starbit were able to design a comprehensive, high-impact, marketing package which made our staff feel proud to man our exhibition stand at events. In addition, they designed a new logo inspired by one of our technical photos - something we needed but thought we wouldn’t have time to develop at that stage.”

Caroline Channing, ARK-Genomics (now Edinburgh Genomics)
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