Edinburgh Genomics

Next generation website for world class life science facilities.
Next generation website for world class life science facilities.

Starting Point

Another long-standing client, Starbit worked with the Roslin Institute-based Ark-Genomics on branding, print and web design before their merger with Gene Pool to form Edinburgh Genomics. Postmerger, Starbit were commissioned to define the new brand identity and to develop the new website. Maintaining the previous site’s Drupal content management system, the challenge was to add a significant amount of extra complex content within a modern responsive design framework.


Starbit worked collaboratively with the client on the design of the brand identity, with some simple modifications made to a sketch provided by one of the Edinburgh Genomics team to produce a final version. The three colours defined in the logo would be taken forward to influence the overall look of the website, which was initially complemented with a dark background of abstract genome shapes. Starbit recently implemented a significant set of design improvements to give a cleaner, simpler look as well as a completely revised drop-down menu system with a sticky function. This makes accessing the wide range of content easier from any page and while scrolled down on any part of a page.


See for yourself by viewing the website:

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